Roof tar cause of odor that forced evacuation in south Charlotte

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Credit: FOX 46 Charlotte

Multiple people were being checked out after a report of an unknown odor caused an office building in south Charlotte to evacuate.

Charlotte Fire Department received a call about 11:09 a.m. from an office space in the 200 block of Regency Executive Drive after a person in the building reported a strange odor. Following the original call, multiple people within the building reported feeling sick.

Hazmat crews along with a mass casualty bus from Medic arrived at the scene. Forty-six patients were treated for various conditions including nausea and headaches, according to Medic. Of that total, five people were taken to the hospital.

According to Dennis Gisp with Charlotte Fire, the source of the odor came from tar that was being laid on the roof by construction crews at the time. Fumes from the tar managed to make it into the buildings HVAC system.

Firefighters swept the building and deemed it safe. All tests for various hazardous chemicals came back negative.

No one was seriously injured.