Roosters rescued after cockfight bust head to Charlotte

Deputies in Lenoir County say 30 men ran into the woods as they busted a cockfighting ring. Hundreds of roosters were found hurt, some with razors tied to their feet.

“They basically take a sharp knife or a razor blade and they tape the over their spurs so that when they kick each other they’re stabbing the other rooster with a knife…so a lot of times it’s a fatal wound,” said Jennifer Gordon, Director of Carolina Waterfoul Rescue.

The Sheriff’s office asked Gordon to take the roosters so they could be rehabilitated and if possible found new homes.

Gordon said, “at the time I think they said 75, but it’s grown into like 200 now. So, once you start catching them and counting them it’s always much more than you think. So, it’s grown into a much bigger job than we originally thought.”

The cost of caring for that many roosters is around ten-thousand dollars. “We always need the donations to help with the extra amount of birds and then all the traveling and the transport and the medical care that’ll come in with all of these injured birds,” said Gordon.

Birds are cut and burned to prepare them to fight. Afterwards they can have deep punctures, missing toes, and broken legs, some have to be euthanized.

“I think people are saying they’re just chickens, why do you even make an effort? And I feel like it’s everything matters, all the birds, even the small birds, to us every individual life counts.

Donations can be sent to the Carolina Waterfoul Rescue in Indian Trail.