Rowan Co. detention officer arrested for giving inmates pot, tobacco, lighters

A detention officer is now behind bars, himself, after the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office arrested him for peddling pot, tobacco and lighters to inmates.

32-year-old Raymond Moore was only on the job for five months, and now he’s finding himself among the inmates he used to manage.

Rowan County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy David C. Ramsey said Moore was getting cash for the contraband.

“Man, that is crazy,” said one man after hearing about the arrest.

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“He didn't have no intentions on being a correctional officer,” said Cristal Ghent. “He just wanted to be the person bringing in the bad stuff.”

North Carolina’s State Bureau of Investigation found out Keith Lackey, who is accused of shooting a Statesville police officer in June, was getting marijuana in jail.

“They learned that since he had been housed in our jail that apparently he was in there consuming marijuana with other inmates,” said Ramsey.

The red flags went off, and through video surveillance, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office determined Moore was peddling pot, tobacco, lighters and food.

“Now he's an inmate,” said one Rowan County resident.

We went to Moore’s home to hear what he had to say, but the people inside never answered the door. When detectives searched Moore’s home, they found evidence supporting their suspicions he was smuggling contraband to four inmates. We also learned Moore wanted to become a law enforcement officer.

“He had been going through law enforcement training at one point,” Ramsey said, “and had dropped out, and was getting ready to go back through it again,” he continued, “so he easily could have been on the streets at some point as a certified law enforcement officer.”

Ramsey says it’s not unheard of for workers to sneak stuff into jail, but added most of their workers are competent.

Moore was fired from the detention center. He faces four different marijuana charges, and was released on a $40,000 bond.