Rowan County woman seeks justice after being scammed by alleged horse thief

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An alleged horse hustler from Alabama who stole horses from more than 26 victims across the Southeast has waived extradition, which means she’ll go to court right here in North Carolina 

23-year-old Fallon Blackwood will head to martin county to face charges.

Police tell FOX 46 more victims have been identified, but there's still no information on what blackwood did with the horses.

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One local victim we spoke with says she just wants justice.
"She just had a good con going, but her conning days are over,” said Ellie Mae, another one of Blackwood’s victims. 

Mae says her 17-year-old horse Jericho was taken by this alleged horse hustler.

"Everything she said is a big lie.”

Mae had rescued Jericho eight years ago, and was looking to find him a companion. she found blackwood through her niece, who told Mae she had the perfect place -- and mate -- for Jericho.

"Talked to Fallon she seemed legit. she told me she was a vet student at North Carolina State, she only had a year left to go, so we went back and forth, and I said ‘well you can try Jericho but if it doesn't work out I want him back,’" Mae said. 

After texting back and forth and not hearing from blackwood, Mae realized she'd been conned.

"The guilt that I've felt was tremendous, you know I have cried and cried thinking I put my horse in that trailer. cause he wouldn't go for them and gave them to the devil,” she said. 

Blackwood will now face charges in Martin County for obtaining property by false pretenses. 

"But now I’m just pissed off. I want justice for Jericho. I want justice for all those other horses,” said Mae.

She’s urging anyone who thinks they've been targeted by blackwood to reach out to stolen horse international.