Safety improvements coming to busy Union Co. intersection

The intersection of New Town and Billy Howe Road will soon see safety improvements. The intersection is being converted to a multi-way stop.

NCDOT says stop signs with a flashing light will be installed and the intersection will be converted into a multi-way stop.

The estimated cost for this plan will be around $15,000.

The Union County Board of Commissioners votef on a resolution to seek traffic improvements at the intersection of New Town and Billy Howey Road in October.

The Department of Transportation said it plans on transitioning the two-way stop to a four-way stop -- but nearly 1,000 petitioners said that's not good enough. Plenty are seeking a full-service traffic light.

"It's long overdue," County Chairman Richard Helms said.

Union County resident Frank Cappella is one of many petitioners. Cappella said he has been able to get Union County Public Schools and the Town of Wesley Chapel on board with the traffic light idea, as well. Cappella believes the intersection is not safe and cites a number of recent accidents.

"I used to use (the intersection) almost every day," Cappella said."Now I don't....this is one of the worst intersections in Union County.