Salisbury firefighter, wife, lose home to fire

A Salisbury couple has lost their home after a massive blaze ripped through it. 

Dustin Newton and his wife have only been married 4 years and the home they lost was their first together. 

Newton fights fires, but he never thought he'd have to battle one taking over his own home.

“It's kind of all still kind of a shock right now,” he told FOX 46.

Newton's wife woke up Sunday morning to the smell of smoke. She tried to open the front door, but it had already gotten hot enough in there to make it swell shut.

Newton busted open their bedroom window, and the two, along with their dog, climbed out and into the snow.

Once he got out, he grabbed a hose and worked with his coworkers from the fire department across the street to try and salvage what was left, but he'd soon find out it wouldn't be much.

His boots were burned. The Christmas tree was charred. Their clothes now reek of smoke, and the home the newlyweds traded land to get is now gone. 

Newton says he was happy to see that the couple’s photo album from their wedding survived the flames. 

“We were able to save all the pictures out of it,” he said. 

They think the fire started in their wood stove, which eventually fell through the floor of their living room.

For now, Newton and his wife are staying at his parents' house next door, and are trying to see the silver lining: They have their family and friends, and they still have each other.

“We've got a good family and a good community,” said Newton. 

He told FOX 46 they’re relying on their family to help get by, but that the community is really rallying around them. Already today, they've raised over $200 to help get them back on their feet.