Salisbury PD use social media ask community how to better serve community

A Facebook post by the Salisbury Police Department  getting the attention of many in the city.

"I was looking early in the morninig while drinking my coffee and saw the police department's post," said James White.

The post with nearly 300 responses as of this afternoon asking: Should police give tickets to drivers who cause a car accident or let the insurance companies handle it.

The department suggesting the community to respond with the appopriate emoji.

"I replied by posting a police car emoji," said White. 

"The poll was trying to get some of that community feedback about what do you expect your police department to do after an accident. It's not intended to say if you dont think there's a traffic violation don't call us. Always call us and we will kind of figure out what went on," said Salisbury Police Chief, Jerry Stokes. 

Those speaking with FOX 46 saying they want to make sure responsibility is taken. 

"I actually feel like people should be held accountable when they get into a car wreck," said Hayley Overcash.

The police chief says they are only required to write police reports when someone is killed or injured, and if the amount of damages is over a thousand dollars. But some like Hayley say they will err on the side of caution even in minor accidents.

"I would call the police just because technically you don’t know that person and you don't know what they are capable of or anything," said Overcash.

The chief says that’s ok too because at the end of the day their job is to be there for the community.