Salisbury police: crime rate down in the west end

The Salisbury Police Department says crime rates are down in the west end community, based on a new report released this week.

Chief Rory Rollins tells FOX46 he’s been aggressively trying to turn that section of the city around.

The latest crime stats show crime is down by 39.7% in the west end when you compare the first half of this year to last year.

There are 14 aggravated assaults compared to 16, three robberies compared to six, 27 burglaries compared to 52 last year, and larceny also went down significantly.

Collins pointed out that there were no reported homicides in the west end on both time periods.

The police chief is looking to continue revitalizing the community.

“Anytime I am aware of any difficulties and challenges, I am going to try to implement solutions to fix or correct that problem,” Collins aid.

Collins has received support and criticism from people who call the west end home.

Kai McGowen grew up in the West End. She says while the statistics may look great on paper, the numbers fluctuate over the years.

“It goes up and then down and then up again. You never really know what’s going on in the West End until it’s right at your front door,” McGowen said.

The police chief says the biggest challenge is gaining the community’s trust, so they know to call the police when they see crime taking place.

According to the department, the amount of patrol officers in the west end has tripled and they also launched a second street crimes unit.