Salvation Army makes final red kettle push

With just two full days left, the Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte is making a final push for red kettle donations.

As of right now, the organization is about $44,000 short of its $360,000 goal. Local officials say that's about $4000-$5000 less than last year.

Major Larry Broome blames the decline on a number of factors, including a lack of kettle workers and volunteers, as well as bad weather. But Broome says the organization still has hope the community will see them through.

"We have a generous community; they pull through every year,” said Broome. “We're hoping that they'll do the same for us this year. And especially when they realize the need."

Broome says there are more than 100 additional individuals in need of their assistance this year. This added pressure has them pleading with the public for additional donations. The kettles will remain outside of grocery and department stores through Christmas Eve. You can also donate online at