SBI identifies armed man shot to death by police in Huntersville

A North Carolina man is dead after being shot by police responding to a call for help in a domestic assault.

Officers shot and killed the man, identified as Joseph Hilton, 42, in Huntersville Sunday after they said he was holding a gun in a threatening way.

Huntersville police say officers responded to Gilead Hill Court just after 9 p.m. Saturday and tried to question Hilton, who was involved in the domestic incident. Police said officers, identified as Officers John Allen, 36, and Officer Travis Watts, 28, fired after Hilton acted in a threatening way.

Hilton was hit by several rounds and died at the scene. 

The State Bureau of Investigation is on the case. The officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. Anyone with further information is asked to call the SBI at (980) 781-3004.