SC man surprised to find woman and children moved into his home

A woman in Union, South Carolina was charged with burglary and child neglect, police say. (Union PD)

A South Carolina man was surprised to find some unwanted house guests when he returned home last week -- a woman and her children had made themselves at home.

Kent Foster told FOX Carolina he went to his home in Union, South Carolina, after work to find that the furniture had been moved and someone had smoked inside. He called 911 after he heard noises inside his home.

Police went to the residence where Savannah Rhinehart, 25, allegedly told officers she lived there. Her two children were also there with her.

"When she opens the door, the first thing she [Rhinehart] says is, 'Can I help you?' Yeah, the first thing you can do is leave my house," Foster told FOX Carolina.

Foster said he noticed Rhinehart was wearing his wife’s clothes.

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