SC potholes blamed on heavy rain, SCDOT begins “pothole blitz”

Pothole patrol is getting a whole new meaning in South Carolina as road crews have started what they are calling a “pothole blitz”. The initiative is expected to last a few weeks.

“Potholes are definitely a problem,” one driver told FOX 46.

FOX 46 went on a pothole patrol and it didn’t take us long to find the first pothole. It was just over the state line on I-77 South.

We stopped off on Highway 21 By-Pass in Fort Mill. There we found multiple pothole along the stretch into Rock Hill. Some of the potholes were so large they could easily damage a car if a driver wasn’t paying attention.

According to AAA, drivers in the U.S. spend $3 billion every year on repairs to their cars after hitting a pothole. The average cost of a repair, according to AAA, is $306.

SCDOT leaders say potholes are larger problem this year because of relentless rain across the state over the past year.

Over the next few weeks crews are launching what they call a pothole blitz. That means more maintenance teams will be out, looking for areas where rubber isn’t meeting the road.

“We are out on the road monitoring as we drive by and calling them in. We are also taking the request people are calling in and repairing those at the same time,” said an SCDOT highway engineer.

FOX 46 saw the proactive approach first hand when we stopped on Cherry Road in Rock Hill. Potholes were about to form along that road, but a maintenance crew already stopped by marking the area with white paint for a future fix.

To report a pothole in South Carolina you want fixed, it’s as easy as calling 855-GO-SCDOT. You can also file a report online by clicking here.