SC Treasurer donates $250 to 12-year-old entrepreneur's college savings fund

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FOX 46 is getting results for a 12-year-old Lancaster boy who started mowing lawns to raise money for college. FOX 46 first featured Jaylin Clyburn over a month ago. He said money I tight in their family, so he decided to post on Facebook that he was mowing lawns over Summer break to save for college.

Because of that story, South Carolina State Treasurer, Curtis Loftis, reached out to FOX 46 to see how he could help get results.

"We heard about Jaylin from FOX," Loftis said. "My staff was watching the TV, saw the news and we just think it's a great story."

LINK: Lancaster County 12-year-old cutting grass for college

He drove to Lancaster to surprise Jaylin on Wednesday with a $250 certificate. The donation was out of his own pocket, and will go toward Jaylin's college fund.

"I love this. Thank y'all," Jaylin said after receiving the gift.

"It means a lot to me," he said. "This is big money and I really want to give a thanks to them for supporting me and giving me this."

After FOX 46 first aired the story about Jaylin, someone donated a riding lawnmower, another person donated school clothes and someone recently made him flyers.

Jaylin's Future Scholar College Savings Plan will continue to gain interest over the years, so that hopefully by the time he goes to college, he'll have raised enough to cover tuition.

Anyone who wants to help Jaylin save for college can send a check to the address below. They will add it to his Future College Savings Plan.

ATTN: Curtis Loftis/Jaylin Clyburn

1200 Senate Street - Suite 214

Wade Hampton Building

Columbia, SC 29201