School board member calls parents "belligerent losers" and compares to Ferguson "thugs"

Parents in Union County say there's no doubt Board of Education member Kevin Stewart is passionate about his position -- but many feel he is crossing lines with social media posts.

"He's extremely unprofessional," Sean Maher said.

Maher, who once ran for a seat on the Board of Education, said he was called out on Facebook by Stewart for opposing views -- specifically in terms of budget talks and ongoing battles with County Commissioners.

One Facebook post points to Maher and others as "some belligerent losers (who) have no life...I give them the credibility of dog p***** gnats."

This is not the first time Stewart has taken heat for social media posts. FOX 46 was sent dozens of controversial screen shots.

One post calling out a parent by saying, "You are no different than the thugs on the streets of Ferguson." The parent mentioned was involved in a failed lawsuit to override the Board's controversial redistricting that moved thousands of students.

"Ferguson was a horrible and violent tragedy and the discussion he and the parent were having on social media was about the schools."

School Board member Melissa Merrell said the only possible punishment she could see would be a censure -- which equates to a public "slap on the wrist." A motion would need to be made, followed by at least a majority vote on the nine person board.

Merrell said that censure is highly unlikely.

One of Stewart's supporters said on Facebook, "I'm not sure those parents really have a case," because it is on Stewart's personal page which he does not keep public.

FOX 46 reached out to Stewart via phone, email and Facebook but have had no response.