School district votes to arm some educators

Educators in a small Johnson County school district will soon be allowed to carry guns.

The Keene ISD board heard from parents Wednesday night before voting on the guardian program.

When he was hired on three years ago, Superintendent Ricky Stephens was against arming anyone inside schools. Now, he says, the world has changed and so has his opinion.

School board members in Keene approved a policy that would allow a few select staff members inside its four campuses to carry a gun.

The carriers would be selected by the district, who would do so only if they wanted to and would carry a gun provided by the district.

Argyle adopted a similar proposal last year, as have several other districts across the state.

Parents who FOX 4 talked to had mixed reactions.

"It could still turn into a gun fight no matter who has the gun, or children could get the gun,” said parent Tanya Manuel. “I mean, it doesn't matter. It just scares me still."

Stephens says the fear that a student might overpower a teacher and get a gun won't be an issue; people who are involved with kids in that level will not be those who are selected to carry the guns.

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