School district wants to rezone and parents aren't happy

Parents in the Highland Creek neighborhood are trying to keep their community together. 

"We just don't want to be split up from the rest of our neighborhood, from all the kids our children see and hang out with at the pool and the park," said Joy Bronkhorst who lives on Elrond Drive in the Dominion Hills subdivision.

She wants to keep her 7-year-old daughter, Maiya, at Cox Mill Elementary where the rest of her neighbors go to school. But there's a chance her 2nd grader could go to Odell next year.

"We feel connected to our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is going to Cox Mill. We'd like to stay where our neighborhood is going," said Bronkhorst.

The Cabarrus County School District is looking to rezone where their kids go next fall.
Calls and emails from Fox 46 about this issue went unanswered.

One plan, Joy says, could split Elrond Drive from the rest of the Highland Creek community and uproot students from where their friends and neighbors go to school.

Jessie Romero also lives on Elrond Drive.

"My daughter would spend the next year crying about not being able to go to Cox Mill Elementary," said Romero. Her 6-year-old daughter, Claire, would also be impacted along with about 30 others.

"We're part of Highland Creek. We should remain with our neighbors and continue going to Cox Mill Elementary. Doesn't make sense to separate our kids from the people they see at the playgrounds and the pool and parents we run into in the neighborhood. It would be taking our 30 kids and cutting them off."

The community can share their feedback with the school district here (

A public information session is set for August 28.