'Security inspection' shuts down Charlotte Douglas TSA checkpoints

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TSA Checkpoints were closed at Charlotte Douglas International Airport this morning for a "security inspection."

CLT tweeted out updates around 6 a.m., but didn't specify why a security inspection was underway or what it was concerning.

"It's been smooth sailing so far," said Passenger Diana Nguyen.  "Lines are pretty short now."

TSA lines were back to normal by the time we got there around 11 a.m.  This morning, however, a congested ticketing lobby was full of people after passengers were backed up due to all checkpoints closing.

"The only notification I got was that my flight was gonna be delayed because of the snow storm," said Passenger Alando McFarlin.

Passengers flying out Monday afternoon say they weren't notified of any kind of security inspection taking place at the airport.

"No notification at all this morning," said Passenger Francesca Dizon.  "I mean, everyone needs to know if there's an issue-- especially the people impacted."

When FOX 46 reached out to the Charlotte Airport, staff responded via e-mail saying the TSA identified a "security issue" at CLT this morning, which required them to close all security checkpoints.  They then referred FOX 46 to the TSA for more information.

When FOX 46 called the TSA’s media number, no one answered.  A recording said due to lack of funding, no one is available to answer the phone call.

FOX 46 then emailed the TSA, and received an automatic reply saying they'd work to respond in a timely manner-- but we still haven't gotten any questions answered.

"It does make  me a little nervous," said Nguyen.  "They don't want anyone to panic."