Service dog "Sparkles" reported stolen in Charlotte

For some their dog is part of the family, others rely on their service dog to live. One Charlotte woman told FOX 46 Charlotte she believes her service dog was stolen. 

"I just don't know who would do that," Jill Templeton said. 

Templeton said she was in her backyard just watering her plants and when she returned to the front yard where her Shih Tzu "Sparkles" was supposed to be playing, the dog was no where to be found. 

"In my heart of hearts I believe she was stolen," Templeton said. 

What Templeton did find shocked her - a trail of treats leading to a neighbors yard. That is why she belives her service dog was lured from her home and taken. 

"I found a cookie out front and my dog has never eaten a cookie outside, not from me. And that cookie wasn't eaten but I think someone was trying to lure her out," she said. 

Templeton hung up 100 signs all around the neighborhood and shopping centers - even offering a reward for the return of her service dog. 

"I need an animal with me just to feel safe...and I just want Sparkles back," she said. 

Templeton said she suffered from three brain aneurysms and now experiences short-term memory loss. That's why her service dog is more than just a companion, but rather something she needs to survive. 

"I crawled out from under the bed yesterday...I was painting the front room...and I didn't know whose house I was in...just when I was with her I knew I was where I was supposed to be," Templton explained. 

Sparkles is a brown Shih Tzu and was not wearing her collar at the time she went missing. If you see her, Templeton asks that you call Animal Control.