Several choices for recycling Christmas trees

If you need to recycle your Christmas tree after the holiday, there are several options.

Those living in the city limits of Charlotte are covered. Christmas tree pick up is part of regular yard waste collection.

Beginning Jan. 5, Solid Waste Services will begin collecting natural trees. Artificial trees must be scheduled for bulky item collection by dialing 311.

People living in apartments or condos can call 311 to schedule collection too.

Those outside of the city limits have to find their own way to recycle their trees.

Weston Sparrow, 16, is offering to help.

"Talking to my parents, they were like why don't you offer to pick people's trees up,” he said.

For $5 he’s offering to pick up trees and to take them to be recycled.

He’s planning to pick up trees on Dec. 28.

For more information on his service, his email is W.SPARROW@ROCKETMAIL.COM.