Several students arrested after fight at Cheraw High School

Several students were arrested after a fight broke out at Cheraw High School Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Some parents are outraged saying deputies’ use of force handling high school girls who got into a fight at school was excessive. The school district is defending officers saying they followed the district’s policy on discipline.

The fight occured during Tomahawk time, which is right after lunch, according to Cheraw police.

Video shows two Cheraw high school students fighting during their lunch break. The two girls involved repeatedly punched and kicked each other while other students attempted to break it up. 

A Chesterfield County School district spokesman says two fights broke out Wednesday involving five students. Trying to end the chaos the school resource officer called for assistance and both Cheraw Police and Chesterfield County deputies responded. 

Video shows a deputy pulling a female student by the back of her shirt, then tasting both of them. One parent sent FOX 46 pictures of injuries to her daughters back where she was tased. 

One parent saysshe's already hired a lawyer.

The school district spokesman says: "The school is following the district discipline policy in dealing with the five students. Charges for the students will be handled by law enforcement officials."

Additional police remained at the school for the remainder of the day. We're told several students were arrested. 

Details of what led up to the fight are not known at this time. Ages and identities of the students involved have not been released. It's unclear what charges the students will be facing.