Severe storms create a mess, dampening Fourth of July celebrations

(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) - It wasn't the holiday some neighbors expected as severe storms toppled trees and power lines on Fourth of July.

Much of the damage just barely missed homes and cars. Steven Moser was making his way back from a pool party when he discovered an unexpected find.

"We noticed a tree down in the road, and we noticed 'man, someone's tree came down,' and then we noticed, as we got closer, it was our tree," he told FOX 46.

Fortunately the tree fell between his house and his neighbors. However, Moser's home wasn't completely unscathed. He was left with a small hole in his roof. Moser said had that tree come about five or six feet to the left, he probably would be without a home.

Further down the road in Rock Hill, a tree uprooted in one yard leaving an all around mess.

It wasn't the wind that was the problem in Harrisburg, but the rain and a lot of it. Over in Concord, large trees were brought down forcing drivers to detour.