"Sex survey" revisions are approved in Cabarrus County

What parents in Cabarrus County were once calling a "sex survey" has now been retooled after the school district threw out the original version and the school board approved a revised version Monday night.

The original 19 page survey asked 8th graders if they've touched private parts or had vaginal sex.

The revised version unanimously approved by the Cabarrus County School Board replaced those questions with another, asking if students have been practicing abstinence. 

"I have read the revised survey and I am glad the controversial and private questions have been removed,” said one parent at the school board meeting Monday night.

After outcry just a few months ago, parents hope the school board reviews all health surveys going forward before giving approval.

"I believe more oversight is required,” said one parent.

Both the former and current revised version of the survey gives parents the option to opt their children out. Parents were given that option at the beginning of the school year, but now with a new survey opt out notices will be sent out again.

"For the protected topics. And there are a lot of them. I like the option of this policy of giving parents the option,” said school board member, Rob Walter.

Cabarrus County Schools are still pushing forward with the revised health survey because the district, along with the Cabarrus Health Alliance, have received grant money to look into ways to decrease teen pregnancy rates.

The district says it was the health alliance who came up with the questions on the survey. 243 parents opted their child out of the original version.