Sex trafficking survivor educates and brings awareness to Charlotte community

A conversation Saturday morning bringing awareness and education to a topic that experts say can happen anywhere

"I guarantee it happens in every single neighborhood that we drive by when we leave here," said Joy Anderson, a sex trafficking survivor. 

Anderson was one of three people on a panel discussing the role social media plays in human trafficking plays to kids. 

"I pray that it brings more awareness and I know when i was in that lifestyle i didn't have a voice so I'm speaking for those that don't have a voice," said Anderson. 

The more than two hour session was put on by the Diocese of Charlotte at St. Parish Church. Organizers say bringing this conversation to Charlotte is important. 

"Charlotte is one of the biggest hubs for human trafficking. We have sex trafficking, labor trafficking. We have major highways, a lot of big sporting events, an NFL and NBA team so it really brings a lot of people in and out of our state.," said Jessica Grabowski.

And for Anderson, who was being trafficked for nearly a decade, wants adults to know how important it is to give children positive images. 

Letting them know you do have worth and you do have value. You don't have to be sold on the street and that you're awesome. That you don't have to do these things that's important. That's an important thing to know," said Anderson.