Shady contractors banned from work in NC after FOX 46 investigation

A series of FOX 46 investigations are getting results. A crooked contractor and his partner are now banned from doing contracting work in the state of North Carolina.

FOX 46 investigator Matt Grant busted Randy Briel, and eventually his partner, Glenn Dunnam, last year for not honoring a judge’s injunction to stop doing contracting work.

“Why are you out here still doing work?” Grant asked Dunnam. “Didn't the state try to prevent you from doing any more contracting work?”

Dunnam replied, “I'm not doing contracting work.”

Monday, a judge permanently banned the two from doing contracting jobs in North Carolina.

“These guys cannot do any business of contracting in North Carolina,” Attorney General Josh Stein told FOX 46, “they can't advertise, they can't collect money, they're out of business and the court ordered them to pay over $300,000 in restitution and fines.”

The judgement against the crooked contractor and his right hand man was the result of a series of FOX 46 investigations dating back to 2014.

“Through the course of these stories another 10 people filed complaints with our office,” Stein said.

The contractors are accused of repeatedly taking tens of thousands of dollars for work they never did. Briel has been arrested at least 13 times, and served time in prison for ripping people off.

“[He] just piled all the dirt up in the middle of the yard,” one victim told FOX 46, describing the work Briel did.

For victims, the judgement means they could get some of their hard-earned money back.

“We're going to get it and refund the people who are taken advantage of,” Stein said.

If either Briel or Dunnam are caught violating the judge’s order by doing contracting work again, Stein said, “We absolutely want to know because that would be in violation of a court order and put him in contempt.”

A judge is also supposed to rule on another lawsuit that stems from a FOX 46 investigation in February. Stein sued appliance repairman John Jackson after his customers claim he also takes money for jobs he never completes.


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