Shaq snaps selfie and 'gives props' to CMPD during All-Star Weekend

Photo Credit: Officer Caleb Costner, Facebook 

The Queen City saw many A-list celebrities during NBA All-Star Weekend. Thousands of fans and media in uptown Charlotte hoped to catch a glimpse of a celebrity while in town for the big game. 

One Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer conducting traffic Sunday afternoon got lucky and was greeted by retired professional basketball player Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal.

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"So Shaq comes through me and my partners intersection. He then rolls down his window and gives props to Officer Dominguez, Officer Edwards and I for the quick traffic control at our intersection," Officer Caleb Costner wrote on Facebook this weekend. 

"I told him it wasn’t just us but that the entire CMPD was doing a great job running traffic so smoothly. He then said he supported and appreciated all we as officers do. Thanks for the encouragement and support Shaq from all of us!👊🏼 #respect," Coster wrote.