Shelby teen arrested in connection to more than a dozen shootings

A 16-year-old is being called one of the most dangerous human beings in Cleveland County, accused in more than a dozen violent crimes. 

Prosecutors say he is behind 13 shootings in Shelby where in some cases people were hurt, including children.

FOX 46 spoke with two victims who were inside homes suspect Malik Jones shot into. They say they’ll sleep a little better knowing he’s off the streets. 

A Shelby mother showed FOX 46 the bullet holes that riddled her home. 

"I was in the bed asleep. When I heard the gunshots I rolled on the floor,” she said.  

She tells us her daughter was shot in the back and another child was grazed in the gunfire. 

"So many shootings I can’t even count it up,” she said. "This was another night, shot through this right here.”

Police say the house, located on Broad Street, was targeted in a string of shootings by a gunman who is just 16 years old. 

"It all happened so fast, I was just hollering and screaming that somebody shot through the window.”

Around the corner on Hamrick Street, another woman who asked that we not show face says a bullet nearly missed her head one morning as she was getting ready for work.

"I was looking at the weather and the bullet come through the window and the slug fell on the bed where my husband was sleeping,” she told FOX 46.

Shelby police have put the young man, Malik Jones behind bars. They believe he is involved in more than 13 shootings in the past month endangering at least 45 people.
"He is a young man with a long life ahead of him,” said Cpt. Steven Seate with the Shelby Police Department.  

Officers found him at a trailer Friday armed with a saw shotgun and several other weapons. 

"It can cause a lot of destruction,” Seate said.   

One neighbor says she wants him held accountable for the mess he left behind.

"I don't got no money to pay for this house. These bullet holes are in this house, but like I said, somebody could have gotten killed.” 

The other on Hamrick Street say she can sleep soundly knowing he is off the street.

"I’m not as nervous now.” 

Police are not releasing his mug shot because of his age, but Jones is being tried as an adult. He is now in jail under a $650,000 bond.