Sheriff: Man involved in attempted robbery fatally shoots robber

Arretsted: Debbi Jo Albright and Nicholas James Smith

A Catawba County man will not be charged after he was asked to come to a mobile home where the residents conspired to rob him and he shot and killed a man, according to officials.

Catawba County officials say Logan Jett was asked to come to a residence at the 4400 block of Athens Drive Newton Friday morning.

When he went into the mobile home he was attacked with a club by David Lee Darty, according to authorities.

Jett pulled out a pistol and shot Darty several times and ran out of the house. Deputies found him several mobile homes down from where he had been attacked.

Officials say David Darty, Debbi Jo Albright and Nicholas James Smith conspired to commit robbery on Jett.

Albright and Smith are charged with attempted armed robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Logan Jett was released after no probably cause was found by Magistrate, according to officials.