Sheriff: Man kills 2 sons, then shoots self in Statesville

Photo from Shawn Fuller's Facebook

Authorities say a man accused of killing his own children called someone and admitted to it before turning the gun on himself.

Sheriff Darren Campbell said the father survived the self-inflicted wound early Sunday morning and was in surgery at a Charlotte hospital.

The Iredell County Sheriff says Shawn Fuller, 31, shot his 3-year-old son Josiah Fuller and 4-year-old son Uriah Fuller. The sheriff released Monday investigators spoke to a person who received a call from Fuller who said he killed his kids and also planned to kill law enforcement.

Campbell says officers were called to the home near Statesville around 3:30 a.m. by a man who said there was an intoxicated man firing a weapon. When officers arrived they found Fuller in the front yard of his home with a self inflicted gun shot wound. His boys were found dead in the house. Investigators say Fuller was drinking and had a fight with his wife.

The sheriff says the boys lived with their father and mother. Deputies are talking to the woman.

Deputies say Fuller's wife left after he assaulted her. Investigators also say the children were awake when Fuller shot them, evidence shows they were shot several times.

Investigators say they found one weapon at the home, a gun that was found near Fuller when deputies arrived. That gun belongs to Fuller's wife. Investigators say the gun was hidden in the house and Fuller found it after she left that night.

Authorities are securing two warrants for murder that they will serve when Fuller is released from the hospital.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.