Sheriff's Office: Clover middle school student sent pornographic images on social media

A York County middle school student is in trouble with the law after reportedly spreading inappropriate pictures.

The Clover Middle School student has been charged with sending pornographic images through Snapchat. According to the York County Sheriff's Office, the images were sent out and viewed by numerous students. 

"It's really horrible, very sad and they shouldn't do it. They don't understand and there's a lot of consequences for that and I feel bad for all that are involved,” one parent told FOX 46.

A school district spokesman says the pictures were sent over winter break, but caused a disruption at the school on Wednesday. 

Students tell FOX 46 a fight nearly broke out when a group of girls were discussing the pictures. The school says parents weren't notified about the pictures because it was an off campus event. 

"I think it's a private matter that needs to be handled privately."

According to the police report the students phone was confiscated by the school and examined after detectives obtained a search warrant. A juvenile petition was issued for charges of dissemination of obscene material.

Several eighth grade students say that this incident has made them think twice about what they share online. 

One parent says she thinks it's okay middle schoolers have social media but parents need to educate them about the consequences of their posts. 

"We've talked about social media and how they need to think about it before they post stuff on social media because it stays out there forever, and it's something that all kids really need to think twice about because it's your future that's involved,” she said. 

Officers say additional charges for other students could be filed.