Shooting of 18-year-old Rodney Smith by police 'justified'

No charges will be filed against two officers who shot and killed a Charlotte teen after he exchanged gunfire with police in June 2016, according to officials.

Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray announced Monday that the use of deadly force against Rodney Smith by police officers was justified under North Carolina law. 

"In this case, the evidence supports the conclusion that Smith pointed and fired a gun at Officer Tryon and consequently, the officers were justified in using deadly force to stop the attack and defend themselves," according to the DA's report on the case.

Officers Michael Bell and Garret Tryon were called to the 7700 block of N. Tryon Street the night of June 2 about a man who had been shot while riding a CATS bus. The suspect in the case was 18-year-old Rodney Smith.

When the officers found Smith walking along the street, they said Smith fired a shot at them. That's when they fired five shots at Smith, according to investigators.

"The number of shots was not excessive given the clear nature of the threat," the report stated. 

Full report from DA's Office.

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