Shootings leave 3 dead, 2 injured, more than a dozen homes damaged in Charlotte

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A violent week in the Queen City left at least three people dead, two injured and more than a dozen homes riddled with bullet holes. 

Charlotte Mecklenburg police say too many people are turning to guns to solve their problems.

"We see too many times where people are restoring to firearms for violence, to resolve what we do an investigation determine are fairly minor arguments or disagreements that become worse and worse, and blow up into what eventually becomes a homicide.” 

Three shootings took place on Sunday, April 29, all within hours of each other. Two arrests have been made so far. 

The first shooting happened around 1 p.m. on Catherine Simmons Avenue in west Charlotte. A man was shot and killed.

Anthony Qashawn Walker, 26, was charged with the murder in the death of Daimeon Johnson, 40. Walker was arrested on Monday, and is being held at the Mecklenburg County Jail. 

Just an hour later there was a shooting in the 7100 block of Snow Lane in east Charlotte where a woman was killed and a second person was taken to the hospital with injuries.

Then, around 8:25 p.m. a woman was shot and killed at the Extended Stay America hotel on Yorkmount Road in west Charlotte. A man was also injured in that shooting. 

An arrest was made in the Snow Lane homicide on Monday. Reco Lamont Perry, 23, was arrested and charged with the murder of Shalecia Shav'ea Williams. An 18-year-old, Beyonce Rorie, was also charged with accessory after the fact. No arrests have been made in connection to Yorkmount Road.

In addition to the deadly shootings, there have been more than a dozen incidents where people have shot into homes, and even one incident where someone tossed a hammer through a woman's window.

“They found 15 shells outside, but there are over 30 holes in the house,” a Linda Vista Lane resident whose home was shot into told FOX 46.  

Holes covered the walls, the TV, a lamp, the ceiling, and the refrigerator, but the most chilling one was in the window directly next to the bed where the woman's son normally sleeps.

“I was just thanking God that nobody got hurt,” she said.

The family took cover when someone unloaded on their home early Sunday morning. Bullets flew over their heads as they laid on the floor, and one bullet pierced a pipe in their living room, causing water to pool onto their carpet.

“I’d be scared to sleep every day,” neighbor Adrianna said. 

She and her family know how the victims felt, because they too were home when someone shot into their house on Prospect Drive.

“I was in my room with my sister and just laying her down and a hammer went through my window, busted my window and heard three to four shots go through my kitchen,” Adrianna said. 

The family came out of the scary incident shaken, but ok. 

“The shootings [are] getting crazy in Charlotte and it's wild. I've lost friends to a gun and it's crazy. Too many funerals, too many bodies dropping and it shouldn't be like that,” she said. 

Right now, police don't have any suspects, and the victims are wondering who would do this to them. 

Neighbors across Charlotte have been left shocked and scared by the increasing amount of violence the city has seen this year. There have now been 44 homicides in Charlotte this year. This time last year, there were only 17. Police are continuing to investigate these cases.