Shoppers swarm area stores for Black Friday

The crowds of shoppers got bigger and bigger, all waiting to get the best deals for Black Friday.

Even before the sun went down and people had their fill of turkey, dozens were already in line, ready to grab their items.

“I got my TV! That's all I care about,” Violeta Peterson told FOX 46. “A Samsung UHD 4K TV. It's $599. And a Hewlett-Packard printer.”

Best Buy opened up before the other stores at Concord Mills, and just as the moon was rising on Thanksgiving, shoppers were patiently waiting for doors to open.

There are many who would say that people are crazy for coming out on a night like this, but many in the crowd say they have their reasons.

“We spent 30 minutes outside the door,” said Cameron Church.

This was the 16-year-old’s first time out on Black Friday, and he wanted to make sure he got his items before the price went back up.

“It would've been more expensive,” Church said after FOX 46 asked why he came out on Thursday.

For others, the Black Friday madness is now tradition.

“We went to Target, we got to go to Walmart, Kohl’s, Belk...we'll be out for a few hours,” said Sherry Jones, a seasoned Black Friday shopper.

For many others, as long as they got in early, they were happy.

“The crowd isn't bad, they're really composed out here, and I'm going home after this. I've only been out here for 10 minutes,” Peterson said.

Meanwhile at the Charlotte Premium Outlets, sidewalks were lined with customers waiting to bust down the doors at their favorite stores.

“If I can find a coupon or use a discount I’m going to do it,” one Black Friday shopper told FOX 46.

"We wanted to see if we could get the deals early because we didn't want to necessarily wait until tomorrow because the stores might be packed and what we want might be sold out so we didn't want to wait until later,” said another.

Like Concord Mills Mall, the doors at the Charlotte Premium Outlets opened at 6:00 p.m., and people wanting deals wasted no time.

The line outside of the Kate Spade store stretched around the corner.

"We enjoy the deals and also it's like a tradition.”

A spokesperson for the outlets says these stores are trying new things to get people offline and in the door.

"Some of our stores have actually started doing pick up in store. So, Old Navy for example, we're going to start seeing some of our retailers doing that as well."

Some shoppers say in-store is the only way.

"If it's clothes I have to like try it on and I feel like that's better than shopping online and see to it in-person because a lot of things look different online than it does in person, so that's why I come,” one shopper said.