Siblings Reunite After 75-Years Of Separation

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT- A sibling reunion 75 years in the making.

That's right, this brother and sister have not seen each other in a three quarters of a century.

"I'm here to see my brother after 75 years," said Patsy Maughan.

It's not hard to see 82-year old Patsy in her childhood photos, taken more than 75 years ago in the high desert southeast of Los Angeles. But this little girl didn't know the loss on the horizon.

"He was 2-years old when I last seen him," Patsy said.

Patsy was seven years old. But she remembers walking her baby brother and sister down the dirt road, and waving goodbye. Her son Mark, now a deputy sheriff in Cache County, has heard the story many times.

"All that she knew was that when she was seven years old the government car pulled up and they took the kids," Mark Maughan explained.

What happened next, Patsy spent decades trying to learn.

"I kept writing to California and wanting to know," Patsy said.

Four months ago, Patsy's son Paul found her brother, Dan

Turns out Dan and his sister Linda did ok.

"My younger sister and I went into an upper middle class family, our father was a dentist and we were given all sorts of opportunities," Dan explained.

He thinks he lucked out compared to Patsy.

"She was raised in certain circumstances that were not the best," Dan said.

Patsy and her other brother, Johnnie grew up without much.

It's hard to imagine anyone got a good deal on the day this boy and girl had to watch their little brother and sister driven away.

But Patsy molded that past into this present. A loving family. With nine kids who clearly care.

"Her youngest son Paul located my youngest son Stewart and they arranged for Paul to call me and I called her," Dan said.

Patsy and Dan say they weren't nervous for the reunion, just excited.