'Silent voices don't get heard': Mother of Jourdan Hill seeks answers in son's Labor Day murder

A mother continues her search for justice two months after the murder of her 20-year-old son.

Juordan Hill was killed in a drive-by shooting on Labor Day 2018. Hill's mother, LaJuana, spoke exclusively to FOX 46. 

"This is very, very hard. I have to fight the fight for Juordan," LaJuana told FOX 46. "Now I have nothing but pictures and signs."

Officers said Hill was shot in the neck while standing outside in a parking lot with several other people around. After he was hit, Hill ran inside a nearby apartment where he collapsed.  The reward for information on his killer is now up to $7,000.

The Hill family knows this won't be an easy case to solve. Police believe they have identified the car, a Chevy Caprice, that may be linked to the deadly shooting on Pruitt Street. As a mother, LaJuana is pleading for help to get answers.

"Silent voices don't get heard. How are we going to help if we don't say nothing, we have to come out of that fear."

LaJuana keeps coming back to the spot where her son was killed. She has a message for her son's killer.

"You did real bad. I hope you find a heart. I hope that we find you if you never find a heart or courage to right your wrong. I'm out here. My family is out here and we will continue to hunt for you like the coward that you are."

The Hill family and police are asking anyone ith information about what happened to come forward. Call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.