Smoke in the air? Western wildfires continue to spread

It was a gorgeous day Friday. The sun was shining and families were out enjoying the bright blue sky. But Friday morning, you could see the haze and the smell smoke coming from the wildfires in western North Carolina.

"You could smell the leaves, the wood burning, you could see the smoke turn yellow as it goes up and floats across the valley," said Joyce Trott, who recently visited South Mountain.

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"I wasn't really sure what was going on. At first I thought it was a BBQ or a restaurant or something like that,” said Mia Nance who was enjoying Freedom Park Friday afternoon.

If you smell the smoke from the wildfires, doctors say you should try and stay indoors, especially if you’re working out.

"Exercise tends to accelerate the amount of air and particles you're breathing which might be linked to worsening your lung and heart disease," said Dr. Jaspal Singh.

If you want to see what your air quality looks like, you can go to the Mecklenburg County website and see the air quality in your area.

If you're going hiking over the weekend, you can go to the North Carolina air quality website, but doctors in Charlotte say you should think twice if you're going to the mountains this weekend.

"Even if you don't have a breathing issue, you might develop one. We see a lot of patients over time with chronic exposure, age, and environmental exposures. This may be the one thing that triggers an asthmatic reaction," said Dr. Jaspal Singh.

Some say they'll follow that advice while others haven't really thought about it.

"Just to stay indoors. It's just me and my puppy. I don't have any breathing concerns. Just stay inside," said Nance.

"I don't have any breathing issues so i haven't thought about that much," said Trott.