Snow causes truck to slide off road, lands upside down in Troutman creek

Snow fell fast and heavy in Troutman Friday afternoon. On Forkcreek Rd., a car slid off the road, over the bridge and landed upside down in a creek. 

"It's been horrible I almost had an accident over on Ebony Hill Road and went into a field and hit a pole almost,” says Troutman resident Brandon Harris. 

He says no one expected several inches of snow to fall and they definitely didn't think it would stick.

"I'm very surprised by how much it snowed today. I didn't think it was going to accumulate but it done over the past 4 hours it's accumulated horribly,” Harris told FOX 46.

on Charlotte highway a driver lost control, hitting an I-77 overpass support beam. 

"There is at least 15 different cars sitting on the interstate in Salisbury going down 70 that's either in an embankment or up on a hill that's got stuck."

Some say drivers need to be more careful especially, since the roads weren't treated beforehand. 

"The snow's not so bad it's the other people driving too slow or too fast or not paying attention and off in traffic. Or it's the young reckless drivers just having fun."

Many people saying they’re heading home where they plan to stay until the snow melts away. Brittany Reynolds has to go to work in the morning and says the roads will be worse.

"I think it might be a little more dangerous definitely just with the ice roads. Especially for me driving in the dark might be more risky,” she said.