Snow gives way to sunny skies across the Carolinas

Today was the first time in recorded history that Charlotte has seen snow on April , but if you blinked, you may have missed it. 

By mid-morning, you had to look pretty hard to find what was left of the snow fall, but early in the morning, the flakes were coming down across the area, leaving many surprised. 

“It was snowing. I didn’t know it was coming at all,” one Union County neighbor told FOX 46.

Some areas saw nearly two inches of snow, catching many people off guard.

“I checked my phone yesterday it said it would rain today and I get out to go out here and it’s snowing,” a Rock Hill resident said. 


As snow fell on spring-time flowers, families in Waxhaw were busy having snowball fights, but the quick inch or so that accumulated melted away quickly, leaving behind wet roads.

"It wasn't a nice snow. It was slushy and sleet mixed in and kind of wet and miserable,” said one Waxhaw woman.

After it was 70 degrees just days ago there's one word people are using to describe this very unusual winter weather incident.  

“It’s crazy."  

“I think it is crazy. Straight up crazy!”

“This is crazy you don’t look for snow in April.” 

“We moved from Chicago, so we are used to this there, but it’s crazy.” 

And while some welcomed the frosty flakes, others were not so enthused. 

“I thought this would be fun in February, but we are over it.”

Now, people in the Carolinas are just hoping that Mother Nature will soon make up her mind about what season she wants to stick with.    

"Hopefully this is just the ending to our winter and we will go into spring from here. I hope."

A frost advisory is in place for parts of the area through Tuesday night.