Social media post sends Myers Park High into chaos, brief lockdown

A picture of what looks like a gun on social media reportedly sent Myers Park High School into lockdown Monday.

Students tell FOX 46 Charlotte something like this has never happened at Myers Park High. They say class started as usual Monday, until the lockdown alarm started sounding right around lunch time.

A video posted to social media showed the panic inside Myers Park High as students ran from the cafeteria and to the nearest classroom for safety. According to a police report, the gun was only in the suspect's possession for a brief moment. 

“Our teacher locked the door. After a minute or two he started placing furniture in front of it. We all got away from the windows,” said student, Peter Deering.

Students say the lockdown was lifted after about 10 minutes. Administrators allowed class to resume, but students weren’t allowed to go outside.

Students also tell FOX 46 Charlotte a video appearing to show a gun in a student’s lap may have caused the lockdown.

“A friend showed it to me because it was obviously really big news. I mean it was scary. You never expect to see a weapon on campus or to see someone that would bring one on campus,” said student, Mark Dillon.

The Myers Park High principal sent a message to parents Monday afternoon telling them a social media post about a potential weapon on campus led to a brief lockdown. After a search of the school, the principal says no weapons were found.

“I mean the gun wasn’t found but we trust our security and I think they did a great job,” said Dillon.

CMS has started random searches for weapons at certain schools, but Myers Park was not on that list Monday.

No arrests have been made at this time, and CMPD confirms that a weapon was never found on the school's campus.