Something's fishy: Goldfish returned to woman after mysteriously escaping pond

A post on the app NextDoor asking if anyone was missing a goldfish led FOX 46's Diana Alvear to an interesting tail

“You know how people are always telling the proverbial fish story. So this is one of those,” said Deborah Triplett. 

Turns out, it was one of her fish that made an escape and ended up in Dan McCorkle’s yard. He posted the question on NextDoor.

“At first I kind of passed by it and then I came back to it and said, oh my gosh, that's a fish,” said Dan. “Was it from the freezer? I mean where did it come from?” Dan says he asked himself when the mysterious fish turned up.

As Dan pondered these questions, the fish gave a sign of life.  

“Its mouth moved and I thought ‘oh my God it's a live fish that just fell from the sky,’” he said.

So Dan did what any decent person would do: He filled a pool with rainwater and let the fish get its fins wet again. 

“So I put it in there and I immediately thought, ‘what do I do now?’”

Dan said he and his wife Jane decided reach out on NextDoor on the off chance that someone was looking for the fish. Deborah saw the post.

“I looked at their address and I thought, my goodness maybe it's one of my fish,” she said. 

She immediately wrote back.

“I typed back, 'it might be from my pond.' Well next thing I knew Dan was reaching out to me saying, 'can we bring the fish over to you?' And I said, 'sure!'” 

So he came over and released the lost goldfish back into its pond. And how exactly did this fish travel from East Ford Rd. to Matheson? Well, Deborah has a theory. 

“It's just so funny. You get this vision of some winged creature flying in the sky with his goldfish that he's all happy that he's caught, and then he drops it,” she said. 

Lucky for the fish, he found Dan.

“This is Plaza Midwood, we rescue all animals,” Dan said.

“I was really tickled, just that fish deserves to live. I'll treat him extra special. I'll give him a little extra food or something like that,” said Deborah.