Son says 86-year-old mom in wheelchair abandoned, left stranded at Charlotte airport for hours

An 86-year-old wheelchair bound woman was allegedly left alone at Charlotte Douglas International Airport throughout the night without assistance after her flight was canceled.

Jeff Spoeri says his mother, Nancy Archer, was abandoned and left stranded at the airport for 12 hours Thursday. He says she was traveling to a memorial service in Cleveland, Ohio but her American Airlines flight was delayed several times and then canceled.

Spoeri says staff initially helped wheel his mother to the gate, but left and never helped her after the cancellation.

"She was literally sitting alone in a wheelchair at the gate in Charlotte at 3:30 a.m.," he told FOX 46.

According to her son, Archer recently underwent hip replacement surgery and was unable to go to the restroom or get food on her own.

"I was absolutely livid. Nothing justifies leaving passengers who might have difficulty caring for themselves alone at an international airport."

American Airlines eventually tracked her down and was able to put her on a new flight. She was also given a meal voucher.

FOX 46 reached out to American Airlines for comment, but has not heard back.