Soul Ride skate church celebrates 10 years in Concord

A church service inside a skatepark. It's an unusual combination,  but one that's helping a  skatepark in Concord keep their doors open.

Soul Ride Skatepark is now celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

Once a week, the skatepark transforms into a skate church.

Ken Ogden, a long time supporter of Soul Ride, says this strategy of combining church and skating  keeps the kids in the community away from negative influences.

“To be able to bring that to these skaters who sometimes come from a rough past, and sometimes need that guidance, it's a beautiful thing to see,” Ogden said.

While the young skaters who come to Skate Park fell in love with skateboarding for different reasons, they’re glad to be united by their faith.

During the skate church session, the environment stays the same. With helmets in hand, they listen to the service in between skating breaks.

After the service,  the skaters go back to their addiction to being in the air.

Although Soul Rides is now celebrating their 10th year of being in the Concord Community, they’re hoping for many more years to come.