Sources: Rock Hill officer fired after pulling gun on man during seat-belt stop

A Rock Hill police officer was fired after pulling a gun on a motorist during a traffic stop last week, sources told FOX 46 Charlotte.

Sources said Officer Cameron Kirby was fired after he pulled a man over for not wearing a seat-belt while pulling into that man's driveway off Hampton Street in Rock Hill.

The man's mother was watching from the home and said the officer did not have flashing lights on and when her son got out of his car to go inside the home, the officer pulled his weapon.

"He jumped out and he drew his gun," the mother said. "I mean, I was scared for my son because I'm seeing an officer with a gun drawn on him. He could have shot him."

Civil Rights activist John Barnett with True Healing Under God said he accompanied the mother to meet with the Rock Hill Police Chief. That's when, he said, the Chief told him the officer was fired.

"It was said that he basically pulled him over for a seat-belt, and he pushes him and, literally, calls for backup and says he's fighting," Barnett said.

Barnett said the Chief told him he reviewed body camera footage of the incident and what was seen on video led to the termination of Officer Kirby.

"When we was in the meeting he said the whole video from start to finish was wrong," the mother said. "Got my son, slammed him against the car, he bust his lip, he bruised his face."

The man was charged with disorderly conduct, but according to Barnett, the charge has been dismissed.

Rock Hill police would not comment on specifics of this case but told FOX 46 in a statement: "We believe personal and organizational integrity is essential to our mission of treating all citizens with courtesy and respect while providing professional police services."