South Carolina family says dog was shot with arrow

A furious family in South Carolina wants to know who is responsible for shooting their dog with an animal.

"My father had called me, it was probably 8:30 at night," Jessica Moore told FOX Carolina.

It was a horrifying call that still hasn't given many answers for an Anderson County family. Someone shot their dog Dooui with an arrow. Fortunately, he survived. 

"He was in the backyard using the restroom and he had on a light-up collar and came in the door and he was bleeding and the arrow was sticking out of him," Moore said. 

Now, Dooui has to live with those scars and wounds left behind. 

"He looks nothing like anything you would hunt at night." 

Pictures after the arrow had been removed showed gaping areas inside of the pup's body. The night it happened Jessica's dad had to drive Dooui 45 minutes away to a veterinarian. 

"They were not able to stitch up the dog because he is such a broad dog, and the type of arrow that was in him enclosed so much infection." 

Although he isn't displaying aggressive behavior, just looking at him is a constant reminder of what he endured. 

"They told us anywhere from months to a year that things would start to heal properly." 

Unfortunately, the price tag for this kind of injury was more than $2,000, but thanks to a close family friend the bill was paid in full. 

"I knew we didn't have any type of money to pay that kind of bill that it was going to cost, especially with it being a 24-hour vet." 

The arrow was less than a centimeter away from hitting an artery and Dooui is now on three different types of antibiotics. Animal Control is investigating.