South Carolina man builds T-Rex in his Yard

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This is what it looks like when a love of dinosaurs turns into a front yard display! A man in York County, SC recently finished his nearly 12-foot tall steel Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture, it's big teeth snarling at the street.

The T-Rex sculpture, found on Ernest Road in York County, is made of above ground pool steel. Jenelle Kohman says she and her husband got rid of their pool, and he decided to recycle the parts.

Jenelle says her husband, Pete Kohman, has always been artistic, and now that they live in a rural area, he gets to show off his skills. It took him about a year to complete.

The neighbors are into it too. Several people come by to gawk at the T-Rex. Some neighbors even stopped by during their family reunion to take pictures!

Jenelle estimates the T-Rex is about 12-feet-tall and 36-feet-long. They're working on adding more to the scene, and possibly making it look more like the set of Jurassic Park.