South Carolina man says kick, stomps saves him from coyote

(File image/Getty)

FORT MILL, S.C. (AP) - A South Carolina man says some swift kicks and stomps saved him from a coyote attack. The coyote was confirmed rabid on Friday, Dec. 28. 

John Somjak says he was taking corn cobs to a wildlife camera he set up in the woods behind a friend's home in Fort Mill when the coyote ran toward him around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Somjak told The Herald of Rock Hill that he dropped the sack of corn cobs but the coyote ignored it and kept coming. So Somjak said he kicked the animal under the chin and stomped it several times. He thought it was dead, but after returning to get a knife, the coyote charged him again.

Somjak says he used the knife to kill the animal.

Somjak says he was surprised at how aggressive the coyote was in a residential area. The coyote was confirmed rabid days later. 

"To reduce the risk of getting rabies, always give wild and stray animals their space. If you see an animal in need, avoid touching it and contact someone trained in handling animals, such as your local animal control officer or wildlife rehabilitator," the S.C. Dept. of health and Environmental Control said.