South Carolina neighbors embrace idea of Panthers move

One team, two states. That's the continued message from Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper.

He met with South Carolina leaders on Wednesday including Governor Henry McMaster about moving the team's practice facilities south.

“Someone asked him when you want to get started and he said ‘now,’ but he was talking about making these decisions,” Governor McMaster said earlier in the day. 

FOX 46 spent the day on the southern side of the border seeing how neighbors feel about the Panthers potential move.

"They call them Carolina Panthers, but everything is in North Carolina, so there's a little bit of an exclusion,” Ameer Heyward said. 

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Fans like him in South Carolina say the Panthers have always felt more like the ‘Charlotte Panthers.’

If the plan goes through, games would still be played in Charlotte, but practices and offices would head across the border to either Lancaster or York County.

"I think it's a good idea. Then I’d be able to see them more often,” another SC neighbor told FOX 46.

People in South Carolina say it’s an inconvenience to cheer for the Panthers.

"My fiancé, he normally goes, but I normally don't go, there’s a lot of traffic,” one woman said. 

One likely reason why the team's new owner David Tepper is trying to bridge the gap between the Carolinas is simply to widen the fan base. 

"I think there's a lot of transplants, so we've noticed a lot of Steelers fans, Cowboys,” one fan said. 

It could be a way to make residents of two states feel more like family than neighbors. 

"I think it could unify both states,” said another. 

Overall, SC residents seem to be embracing the idea. 

"It would be more inclusive; I think it would better represent the Carolina brand instead of it being essentially in Charlotte,” Heyward said.