South Charlotte bowling alley robbed at gunpoint

At Ten Park Lanes, a popular bowling alley along Montford Drive, you would never know less than 24 hours ago, someone walked in with a gun and robbed them.

An employee telling police the gunman came in after closing just before 1:00 this morning. Customers were shocked to learn what happened and leary after seeing crime scene investigators heading inside this afternoon.

"It's kind of crazy, it's kind of surprising to me because this area's pretty safe, but I do feel like I have been hearing about more robberies recently in Charlotte." one woman told FOX 46. 

One woman tells FOX 46 she's been coming here her whole life and feels this robbery was a symptom of a larger problem. 

"It's just a growing city and so it kind of just shows that you never really know what's going to be the next place to get hit with crime so it's a little but unnerving." said another.

But this is one place she'll keep coming back to. 

"It's usually really fun, laid back, a lot of younger people usually come in because it is kind of a bar type scene later at night. So, it's usually just casual and nothing super weird going on."

Others tell FOX 46 they'll be watching their backs. 

"Just being aware of my surroundings, maybe always walking with my friends or something and having my phone or my keys out and just being, you know, aware." another patron said.

Right now, the business isn't talking about what happened, so it's not clear how many people were inside at the time or what the suspect took. 

So far no arrests have been made.  One woman tells me she thinks this was a crime of desperation, and another says she's confident CMPD will find the person responsible.