South Charlotte mom doesn't let power outage ruin birthday party

Among those who have been without power for more than 48 hours is the Carmel neighborhood. On Monday, FOX 46 met one mother who didn't let the time spent in the dark ruin a good birthday party.

I think we were some of the first in the area to lose power Saturday afternoon once the transformer blew that we could hear,” Gina Voci said. 

Voci and her son Jonah lost power to their town and country rd. home just one day after hurricane florence made landfall.

“I prepared for the worst having gone through Hurricane Hugo,” she said. 

Voci cleared out her freezer, stocked the cooler and got ready for Jonah’s birthday party. 

“We lit some candles lit the birthday cake. The party went on without power.”

Voci hopes power is restored soon, so she can return to her normal life, but knows it could have been worse.

"Although its inconvenient and extremely frustrating not to have power I’m just happy that we didn't suffer worse damage."