South Charlotte neighborhood targeted by carjackers

Eight cars have been stolen in the last two months in the south Charlotte community of Quail Run.

A truck owner in the neighborhood tells FOX 46 he believes he was targeted by someone he fired, and it was all caught on camera.

"I come in the door and yell to my wife 'Beth wake up my truck has been stolen!’ and she is like ‘huh?’ Chad Rouse said.  

Rouse says he saw a thief take off in his truck. 

"There goes my vehicle. He's hauling butt, here goes me I’m running.”

The carjacking was all caught on surveillance camera, along with Rouse running to catch the criminal. 

"My flip flops flew off here. Naturally I start chasing him down Sharon Road." 

A parent waiting at the school bus stop also joined in on the chase.

"So when he sees him he cuts the wheel, goes over the curb, busts the chain at the Pelican Sno[balls] place and he’s gone."

Rouse believes he was targeted by previous employee looking for payback.

"Well he worked for me for a while. I stopped ties with him,” Rouse said. 

But for him, the 2001 bronze Chevrolet is more than just a truck…

"It was my father-in-law’s-- my wife's dad's car-- so we try to keep it in the family." 

Also inside was $10,000 worth of tools.

"There’s no telling-- he could have parked it and burned it."

Rouse has no idea where the truck is now but is confident the carjacker will be found.

"He is going to serve some time. It’s going to come back on him."

If you recognize the driver or the cars involved, police want to hear from you. Call CMPD at 704-334-1600.