South End man's dream home smashed by fallen tree

A South End man unable to live in his home after a massive tree fell right through it.

For homeowner Daniel Shirley, a dream come true has turned into a dream deferred.

"I was planning on moving into this house over the next couple of weeks. It's been under construction for quite a long time, it was quite a big relief, it's finally done finally going to get to move in. Clearly not the plan currently,” Shirley said. 

Shirley bought the house more than a year and a half ago. He was in a meeting when his phone kept ringing. 

"Picked up the phone and it was the Charlotte Fire Department and basically said hate to be the bearers of bad news but you should probably come home."

The tree tore through the roof and the attic and destroyed the master bedroom, which was a new addition. 

"It was definitely deflating. It's another bump in the road. I've had some hiccups on this construction with the property etc., so it's a little par for the course to be cynical but you learn to roll with the punches."

The kitchen wall at the neighbor’s house was also damaged and they lost power. He says he was planning to have the tree limbs looked at but he was focused on the construction.  

"Bad roots, yeah the tree seemed healthy but the roots were I guess gone and that's what led to it."

Shirley says he plans to stay in his rental and is determined to move into his dream home one day soon.